Bella's Hens

Various breeds of Chickens, Coops,  Feeders/drinkers, Food & Supplements

29 Old Kempshott Lane
Basingstoke Hampshire
RG22 5ET​

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Bella's hens

We are a small family run hobbyist business in Basingstoke supplying various home grown fancy and rare breed chickens, as well as all your chicken keeping requirements


Bella's eggs

We have delicious & large freshly laid

eggs for sale

in various sizes and colours

£1.00 for 6 small Bantam eggs 

£2.00 for 6 large eggs


Bella's hens

Pure Breeds

Ayam Cemani

Cream Crested Legbar

​Spngled Hamburg

Buff Laced Wyandottes

Gold Laced Wyandottes

Blue Laced Wyandottes

​Silver Laced Wyondottes

​Lemon Brahma

Dark Brahma

What to get


Deciding what Hens you want to keep?

Our Cream Crested Legbars are stunning with a little tuft on they're head, they lay beautiful pastel blue eggs, they are the most popular autosexing legbar around today,

The Blue Laced Wyandottes, Most of the time these have sold before we've even got them home! they are stunning and slightly rare

We also have in stock & are fond of the Silver Laced Wyandottes these girls win the beauty contest easily,

Talking of slightly rare we have fallen in love with one of the Newer members of Bellas Hens The Splash Maran, white in colour with a blue/grey Splash on them & Laying a dark Brown Delicious Egg with darker brown flicks on,

We love all the Maran family and often have Copper Black, Wheaten and Coucou

All of our hens are point of lay (p-o-l) & are in tip top condition as well as looking stunning, when they reach us we keep them for at least 1 week to get them relaxed and treat them for worms as standard to ensure they are of good health before leaving us for they're forever home,

It may be very difficult for you to make a decision on what hens you want to keep so remember our standard coops we Make are suitable for 3-4 hens so why not mix it up!

Feel free to come and visit us so you can see the hens up close and even hold them, you can also check out some of the coops we make or we can advise you into the best type of coop and run for your money

We are open daily but do advise calling us prior to your visit just incase we are down feeding the chooks or indeed out collecting more,

We are here to help so if you have any concerns or just want some advice please don't hesitate to call even after your purchases.


Bella's Coops

If you want something different then we can make you something bespoke - how about Dell Boys Robin Reliant, A VW Camper Van/Coop or Dr Who's Tardis? Prices vary and special orders can take around a month to build. the pictured Standard ark type Coops are made to order but usually only take a week to build, and can be made Bigger if wanted, ask in advance to avoid disappointment. 


Bella's 1 stop hen shop

We have layers mash & pellets, mixed corn all in 20kg bags, feeders & drinkers, nutritional supplements, diatomaceous earth & other red mite treatments, oyster shell grit & more


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